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Product Details

Breachpen is manufactured in the United States of America by DEFCO, a Veteran Owned Company. Breachpen is a onetime use tool that burns at over 5000 °F and is a proven cutting tool to gain entry through barriers and various metals such as locks, rebar, steel, and chain.


Once only carried by Militaries, Special Forces, First Responders, and Search and Rescue units all over the world, Breachpen is now available to everyone.

Extended uses include signaling, emergency fire starter, disabling property, extraction, and more.


While there may be more effective products across the several uses of this tool, Breachpen is a one-of-a-kind force-multiplying, lightweight, and affordable multi-tool to help you plan for the unexpected. 

Product Highlights

Disposable one time use

Burns at over 5000°F

Ignition at over 2000°F

Weights about half a pound

Anyone can purchase

Several models to choose from

Uses include cutting, signaling, equipment destruction, fire starter and more

Safe to transport

Training Required

Frequently Asked Question's

When Breachpen is lit, how long does it take to extinguish?

The LTE burns for about 25-30 seconds and the GEN II burns for about 35-40 seconds.

Can they be reused if forcibly extinguished?

Yes, but it is almost impossible to extinguish Breachpen. The only way is to sever the rod below to burning area and we do not recommend this at all since there currently is no safe way of doing this.

Do they go bad or need to be replaced after a certain amount of time?

We recommend using Breachpen within 2 years of the day it ships. If they are stored in a dry cool place, they can last for years, however we recommend rotating these out via training to ensure that operators are always trained and ready to go with the Breachpen.

Is there special safety equipment that needs to be used while operating Breachpen?

The safety equipment we recommend is outlined in more detail in our Breachpen Operator’s Manual but the minimum safety equipment we recommend is a long sleeve top, pants, eye protection, foot protection, and protective gloves. In addition, we suggest OSHA Shade Tint 5 Glasses and a fire suppression system.

Do you know the time it takes to cut the following items: A reinforced Lock, water reinforced door, 1 inch of steel and a car door hinge?

This is dependent upon not just the Breachpen but the effectiveness of the operator with the tool. A trained operator can get at least three cuts on 5/8” rebar with a Breachpen GEN II.

Is this an International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) item or are there any documentation needed to import or export it from countries?

No. This item is not ITAR regulated. This is a non-hazardous shipping item. The Breachpen ships under tariff code 8311.30.6000, “welding rods of base metal for welding by flame.

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