Who is DEFCO?

Who is DEFCO?

Posted by Brooke Forro on May 15th 2021

Some of the veterans on Team DEFCO, pictured above, in May 2021.

DEFCO is a veteran-owned and operated small business headquartered in Walhalla, SC. The company originated as a government contractor in 2017 founded by Chris Campbell, USN Veteran, and Jeremy Moore, a USMC veteran. DEFCO, formerly known as Advanced Defense Components, Inc., is known as the producer/manufacturer of Breachpen. Breachpen is a lightweight, easy-to-carry, match-lit cutting tool for cutting various metals carried by Militaries, Special Forces, First Responders, and Search and Rescue worldwide.

As the company evolved, so did the mission capabilities thanks to the onboarding of talented engineers, scientists, manufacturing experts, and other business professionals, many of whom are veterans. DEFCO's mission is to continue serving by collectively leveraging the team's unique skill set from military and industrial careers into a single vehicle capable of delivering solutions for broad, mission-critical needs and even specific unit requests.

The DEFCO team has collaborated internally to develop and increase production capabilities to support new products. The team is striving to execute product development and plans to announce additions in Winter of 2021.

Like many small businesses, DEFCO faced the serious challenges brought on in 2020. The team was struck in the heart by an unexpected fatality. In September of 2020, they lost Chris Campbell to the sometimes everlasting battles of military service and war, known as the war fought from within. Chris was an intricate part of the company's creation, and a huge void has been left with his passing. Chris's passion for the mission and spirit will live on as DEFCO continues to increase its mission by growing to support non-profit organizations that align with their passion of serving veterans and heroes with a portion of every sale.

The gray and yellow crossed tridents represent the collaboration of DEFCO's founders. Despite serving their country in different branches, they did not allow their differences to separate their desire to continue operating a mission at home. Instead, they leveraged their differences and strengths, multiplying forces enabling them to execute their mission better.

The companies foundation is best explained by CEO Jeremy Moore, "DEFCO is the culmination of years of work, sweat and sacrifice by not only the founders and their families but by the entire team DEFCO that drives us towards success."